Virszeme, šīzeme, pazeme

"Virszeme, šīzeme, pazeme" (Heaven, ground, underworld) - this project was implemented by Latvian-Georgian improviser Darja Kazimira and Latvian opera singer Ieva Parsha within the festival of performative art "No New Idols".

The artists presented musical episodes that personify the mythological concept of the trinity of the world. The first part, which tells about the underworld, was embodied by Darja Kazimira in the form of vocal-instrumental improvisation performed on self-made steel instruments and ethnic drums. The second part, dedicated to the heavenly world, was performed by Ieva Parsha using her own vocal interpretation of the music of modern Latvian and European avant-garde composers. The final element of the performance was the joint vocal improvisation of the two artists, musically describing everyday life, where lullabies, cries, laughter, birds, animals sound and mix into an auditory variety deconstructed by percussion elements as the accidental noise.

Place: Latvia, Riga, "NOASS" gallery

Sound engineer: Oliver Tarvids

Curator: Kristiana Karklina

Photos: Linda Kaposta