"Darja Kazimira" is a project of the Latvian/Georgian experimental improviser, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and artist Darja-Kazimira Zimina based in Tbilisi. The ideological core of the project is based on the idea of a regular search for a dynamic object-center of the ritual, through the construction and study of the principles of sacred space erection. The search is carried out through self-initiated rites of burial, funeral, sacred violence, fertility (cults of the ground), as the embodiment of the idea of transformation and its irreversibility. For this, the author also uses bodily practices, many of which are of an authentic masochistic nature. The genealogy of the tragic and ancient tragedy also has a great influence here. The main form of the musician's expression is long improvisational cycles of a pseudo-storytelling nature, for which the author uses they own asemiotical, idiosyncratic language, generating semantic keys that cannot be deciphered by the listener, thus supporting the idea of realizable meaning, as well as its complete absence.An equally significant point in the project is the choice of musical instruments, which usually varies from one improvisational cycle to another. Basically, these are authentic, ethnic instruments related to sacred-ritual ceremonies and traditions, as well as homemade instruments made by the author depending on the main audial idea: chuniri, changi, bass rebec, double zhalnik, aulos, barbiton, gongs, shaman drums, hand drums, dvojnice, gusle, sona, zurna, kanun, bones, horns, ģiga, gyaling, steel cello and many more.