Tolga Baklacıoğlu - Blood Breeds Blood

Tolga Baklacioglu is a Turkish dj and electronic composer/performer working with modular synthesisers, guitar, and samplers, the owner of the highly respected vinyl imprint VENT, he is also an associate professor in aerospace engineering.“Blood Breeds Blood” is his eighth studio album and his debut on Khemia Records.Featuring Darja Kazimira, the Latvian vocalist, improviser, composer and multi-instrumentalist, Blood Breeds Blood is an immersive experience into the dark corners of introspection, an attempt to reconstruct the suppressed impulses and ramifications of painful emotions and traumatic events and provoke these links to a turbulent reservoir of destabilising anxiety. “Working with Darja relieves profoundly violent emotions as her ritualistic approach constructs a sacred and hierophonic space. This includes the pervasive tendency toward the denial of human identity by acceding to the expectations of a dehumanizing milieu, by accepting the animal-like or machine-like identity our fictional world would impose on us”, Tolga confides.On the technical side, except the tracks “Altar Of Sacrifice” and “Blood Breeds Blood”, the whole album is recorded, arranged, and mixed live as one take directly from an Elektron Octratrack MKI.

Khemia Records
London, UK

Αχέροντας - Malocchio ​-​ The Seven Tongues of Δαημων

ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ was brought to life in 1996 by V.P.Sorcerer and was ever since true to its internal tenets and traditions, which deemed the band as a "Magickal Coven, dedicated to the Ancient Sumerian Mysteries of Drakonian Blood." According to the band, "Many traditions embrace these ancient sources as footprints and take form in our Void as Astral Vampirism, Hermeticism, Kabbalah, Dream Workings, and Luciferian Magic." V. P.Sorcerer continues: "True sorcery is not an art, it's science... in order to dare, we must know; in order to will, we must dare. We must will to possess empire, and to reign, we must be silent. We are real to those with eyes to see..." The Magickal Coven commences the Third and ultimate cycle of its manifestations, embodying its final reincarnation in the novel external form of ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ. After a 15-year-long second period of esoteric culmination, the Coven of ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ now enters the next alchemical stage of its existence. Transforming and shapeshifting into a yet-unexplored aspect of the same Entity, a new Seal is unveiled, channeling the hidden forces into the future of our Great Work: ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ is revealed. A compass of feverish devotion unto the omnipotent and everlasting, the Gateway to the Sinister Arts that glorify the Other. Seven rays conjoined within a seal of apparition, whereupon all weak aspects of the Self fall into disarray, surfacing the Iron facet of spiritual survival across the planes of the uncharted Netherworlds. A map, a weapon, and ceremonial ornament of the Seven Archons, molded and reforged to signify the Eternal Hunt of blood-ridden Aeons. ΑΧΕΡΟΝΤΑΣ commented on the new album: "The new Opus, bearing the fiery symbolic crown of The Seven Tongues of ΔΑΗΜΩΝ, unto the realms of matter. The sands of creation shall shift once again, as the new album of the Coven signifies the sail towards new horizons, fertilizing the grounds with blessed sonic resources to bear fruits on spiritual levels. Seven pacts with powers unknown to mortal men, yet to be known to the elevated individual that chooses to follow the thread beyond mortality. Seven pathways to the Inner Sanctum, grasping a harsh lesson, a taunt of spirit and soul, benign and glorifying. "The Coven places this newborn Opus upon the altars of the Seven Gods, paying tribute to the forces of the Other that have inspired its course over the decades. The listener is set to be reached by this reverence, since this reverence is set to extend within the listener and let him become one with the multidimensional becoming that is assigned, this Mission of Seven Hells and Seven Destinations. This is a new era of continuity, forging all the bestial aspects of the Past to a shining athame that shapes the Future."

Zazen Sounds, GREECE

Shibalba​​​/​​​Darja Kazimira/Dagmar Gertot "Dark Water Groan"

Water is a detached, wayward element, similar to the flow of blood, life, death. This thought is most vividly expressed by the mythology of the peoples of the world, in which we meet related stories, telling about dual, transitional qualities of water, which is able to unite the world of the living and the dead, flame and absorb, to heal and to kill. In this work, we took as a basis the sacral hydrography of the Kingdom of Hades, originating from the fields of oblivion, passing through Lethean stream, Styx, Cocytus, Phlegeton, and the Stygian swamp. These are the five most radical, complex, deeply existential stages of water. It is the peculiarity of the states of the mythical water element, we decided to try to feel and voice, erasing the names of the listed rivers, and leaving only the keywords that can display the essence of the acquired water incarnation. It would seem that such an authentic theme requires an appropriate sound. But we build our ritual and allow it to acquire an independent, original sound, within the framework of our own myth-making…The regions of the abyss are indented by streams bearing pain and sorrow. The rivers of Hades amid long empty fields, lifeless valleys of incessant moans, interwine into the songs of the martyrs. Ridge of waves absorbs screams, carries the wayfarer, who has tasted oblivion into the obscurity of black water.

Zazen Sounds, GREECE

Hieros Deimos - Petres

"The stones become a contemplation subject here, nearly a basis for spiritual exercises." Roger Caillois. Reflected StonesThese minimalist semi-acoustic improvisations are five narrations about twilight mineral life.The myth of Medusa Gorgon is proclaimed as a hymn to fatal beauty between the intense muteness of coastal boulders and the Lacoons' depressive obsession, in weightiness and density of the earthy flesh, in the midst of the regal profiles of rocks, on the marvellous maps with the continents of our dreams engraved on precious stone cuts.The drops of lime water fall from stalactites and strike the tendons of subterranean strings slowly and regularly. Somewhere far off, after deadly landslips, the vocal echo hides in mountain fractures.Five heroic statues. A collision of passion and damnation. Aftersounds of shrieks on the faces petrified in horror.

Phantasma Disques. Germany, Berlin, 2015

Captain Hates the Sea - IX/XL

And enjoying the light of the Beginning Radiance, remember our relatives of torment, who died in impiety, accept our petition.