Alicia official name is now: Toma Alice Péronnet (they, them, theirs).


Originally shot on Super 8mm film and partially blown up to 16mm for the creation of collages made up of abstract and composed photograms, the film explores in a medium specific way the self-experimental search for artistic, gender and sexual identity of movement artist Toma Alice Péronnet.

Toma Alice Péronnet (1962 Paris, France) is a movement artist/teacher and former architect based in Zurich Switzerland. The connection between art and daily life as well as the game between egocentrism and self distance, characterises their artistic work. The rebirth and development of the figure Alicia, that they originally created in 2004, can be considered the most complex part of their work and life. They use their body as dispositive — a medium available for transformation in order to explore their sexual ambivalence and polyvalence treating gender and sex as a constant changing performative act. Toma Alice Péronnet converts the public space into a "stage of living art” for spontaneous interactions.

Experimental film by Juana Robles

Composer - Darja Kazimira