Art-object “Sacred space” (2020)

This project is dedicated to understanding the principles of construction and the meaning of sacred space, where the element of hierophany is generated only by internal processes and transformations of the erector. At the center of the project is the path of the funeral initiation of the Idol. For this, the author of the project created many funeral and burial attributes from metal and wood; built a ritual and music ceremony. The Idol itself was made of ground. All work was carried out directly in those places that can be seen in the video; they also became a source of material for work. These are all abandoned houses on the outskirts of Jelgava - real mute temples and altars. The final point here was the installation of an Idol in an abandoned building, used once by the homeless as a storage for clothing, paper and other trash...Of course, someone can see in this act an element of opposition and antipode, but I did it without endowing it with any special meaning, and I don't agree with this at all. It was an impulse and a search, like the whole project.